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The NON-FOR-LESL project aims to develop and pilot-test, a new innovative multi-dimensional method - an open educational resource validation tool which will be used additionally to the assessment procedures thus contributing to the efforts for reducing Early School Leaving and improving students' performance in schools. The NON-FOR-LESL tool will be based on a holistic view of students’ learning, drawn away from subject boundaries that will present and validate skills, knowledge and competences acquired through non-formal and also informal learning related to the key competences and transversal skills, as described by the EU.

The plan and organization of the project reflects a research cycle procedure with interrelated stages leading to the production of 6 main Intellectual Outputs in sequential order:

(1) a Comparative Study Analysis in which the issues under investigation will be analyzed and participants views collected through the use of questionnaires will be discussed,

(2) a framework and an award system for the validation of non-formal/informal learning within school based on the key competences and transversal skills as described by the EU,

(3) the NON-FOR-LESL OER validation tool MyKey (www.my-key.online),

(4) an “Information Pack” with a Step-by-step Guide and a training course for the successful implementation of the tool in schools,

(5) an implementation report in the form of case-study portfolio and

(6) finally an overall evaluation report and a strategy for exploitation at the national level.