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Non-Formal Learning Can Prevent Early School Leaving

MyKey is ready!

After nearly two years of conceptualization, developing, testing, editing, we finalized MyKey (www.my-key.online). MyKey is a Tool which can be used additionally to usual assessment procedures in schools, thus contributing to the efforts for reducing Early School Leaving and improving students' performance in schools: MyKey is based on a holistic view of students’ learning, drawn away from subject boundaries that will present and validate skills, knowledge and competences acquired through non-formal and also informal learning related to the key competences and transversal skills, as described by the EU. In a nuthsell, students at risk are able to document their non-formal/informal knowledge, skills and competences. Based on that it is possible to evaluate these activities and generate a certificate which can be authenticated by the students school.

The consortium developed an overall implementation strategy and three accompanying guides for students, teachers and administrators, supporting schools and other institutions interested in using and implementing MyKey. With the help of these documents, every school, every teacher and every student are able to use MyKey within a few days. All materials are available for free and available in english, italian, greek, romanian and german.

Please go to Outputs and Results for all materials developed.



Non-Formal Learning Can Prevent Early School Leaving (NON-FOR LESL) is a two year lasting European project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

Erasmus+ supports transnational partnerships among education, training, and youth organisations to foster cooperation and bridge the worlds of education and work in order to tackle the skills gaps we are facing in Europe.

NON-FOR LESL is a strategic partnership in the field of schools. Six institutions from five countries collaborate in order to tackle the challenge of early school leaving in Europe. The project has started in December 2014 and will last until December 2016. 





Project Coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Dirk Lange
Leibniz Universität Hannover
Institut für Didaktik der Demokratie

Schlosswenderstraße 1
30159 Hannover

Project Management:

Christoph Wolf
Tel.: +49 511 762 17318